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    • These suggestions are less detailed than my seren one for obvious reasons. My hopes with these additions/changes is to help the future of Elyx and a more balanced eco. I fully understand that not everyone will agree with them. I want to see a more broader trading system where the people going for max cape/200m exp are buying supplies that the new players have just received as their first drop. Also I want to see more bosses killed throughout the server. There is only a handful of bosses killed currently as most others are worthwhile and/or broken.   Nightmare -    Zulrah -  Kraken -    (Corrupted) Hunleff -    Giant mole -    Skotizo -    Alchemical hydra -    Mimic -    KQ -  Dusk/Dawn - General -    Boss logs   Pets -   Shops -  Resource packs -   Clue scrolls -    I understand that devs are busy working all the time on updates for the server so some of these maybe on their to-do list already. If they want to discuss anything for further details then please pm me.
    • In-game username: Erlksson Age: 22 Time zone: GMT+2 Discord username: Erlksson Time played in-game: 170 hours Previous staff/moderation experience: Been a co-owner for a clan in 07 with 30+ members. Co owner of a discord with around 50 members creating events like bingos and such. Nothing big really  Specify your current availability in terms of time slots or hours per week/day: can usually play roughly 3-5 hours a day, weekends like Sundays it can be up to 8 hours depends though. but around 30-40 hours a week Why do you want to be a part of the Elyx staff team? I'm just loving the community and the server a lot, wanna be a part of it and help it grow as fast as possible. What skills/qualities would you bring to the team? I can help with planning bigger pvming events, I can help with a lot of playtesting as I have good game knowledge from a long time of playing 07. I speak Swedish fluently if its ever needed.  What experience do you have with OSRS or RSPS? Elyx is the first rsps I've ever played. I do however have 6 thousand hours on 07. Main is "Bergs timber" and ironman with less hours is "Im Bergs" and i have some other accounts that are not really worth mentioning How familiar are you with the specific features & gameplay mechanics of Elyx? I've tried almost all of the content and I'm very familiar with the mechanics of 07. I regularly teach new players of commands and short cuts that are valuable time savers.  Have you ever been a part of an in-game support team before? If so, what did you learn from that experience? As a co owner of a pvming clan I've been helping players with ingame issues a lot before. I've learnt how to teach people with poor English communication skills. To have a lot of patience and be kind. How comfortable are you working in a fast-paced, sometimes high-pressure environment? I don't mind doing that. I've worked in health-care and witnessed some very stressing moments while still being calm What qualities do you think are essential for someone working in a support role for an online gaming community? Decent English, good typing speed. Kind and caring of players. Being someone that the players respects and listens to. How do you approach situations where you don't have all the information needed to solve a player's issue? Ill tell said person to wait while I gather information from other members of the support team or try to resolve the current issue. if not possible ill tell the player having the issue that it cannot be resolved at the moment and they will have to wait. How would you handle a situation where a player is being abusive or harassing others in the game? Depending on what words are being said ill first give them a warning and if they continue they will get a mute. Ill ask the other players if they are fine to address the damage made.  Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision as a support role. How did you handle it? There was a time where two OG's were fighting in my old cc on 07, They wouldn't stop fighting. I decided that if they don't stop they both have to leave, which was hard cause they were friends with many in the clan and me too. They obviously did not stop so I had to remove them both from the server. Cause allowing one to still be in the clan while kicking the other isn't fair.  What training/resources would you require to be a successful server support? If there's server tools and different commands for SS members then id need some guidance learning that. Resources I'm pretty sure I don't need.  Can you outline the contributions and efforts you've dedicated to Elyx thus far? I've helped countless players with advice, money, bones, gear. Every time someone asks a question in chat while I'm active I answer the question to my best knowledge. I now have a few people on my friend list that instead of asking in cc pm me in game with questions. I genuinely love helping players. How would you balance your role as a server support with your personal life? I wouldn't go over the top with it cause I still have a full time job and a girlfriend, but while I'm on those free hours every day ill do my best to help as many people as possible.    Ill give applying a chance, but after reading the others applications I probably don't have a chance. Thanks for reading through it though. Have a nice day                                                                          
    • Thank you for applying 🙂 best of luck with your application 🙂
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