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    • The Official Elyx Pet Perks Guide Welcome to the ultimate guide for Pet Perks in Elyx! Pet Perks are transformative elements that can dramatically enhance your gameplay. Earned with Pet Points, these perks are crucial for turning your character into a formidable force. Picture enjoying faster attack speeds, higher drop rates, improved accuracy, and increased XP gains. Pet Perks extend beyond combat, enriching all facets of your gameplay. Explore the world of Pet Perks and elevate your Elyx adventure to new heights! How to Earn Pet Perks Pet Perks can be earned by completing achievements. Each achievement, according to its difficulty, rewards unique Pet Points. With over 500 achievements available, there are plenty of opportunities to earn Pet Points and unlock powerful perks. Accessing the Pet Perks System The Pet Perks system can be accessed from the Pet Perks object located at the home area. Simply interact with the object to open the Pet Perks interface. Pet Perks Pet Perks Interface Guide The Pet Perks interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Here’s a breakdown of its key components: Category: Located on the left side of the interface. This allows you to navigate through different categories of perks. Currently, there are Five categories: All, Skilling, Enhancement, Combat, and Special. Perks: Found in the center of the interface. Displays all available pet perks. Clicking on a perk will display its information on the right side of the interface. Pet Points: Displayed at the top right side of the interface. Shows your current total of Pet Points. Active Perks:   Displays the perks that are currently active on the pet following you. You can have up to three active perks on a single pet at a time. To manage your active perks, right-click to remove a perk or left-click to display its information. Description: Located on the right side of the interface. Shows detailed information about the selected perk, including its type, name, and status (e.g., locked, unlocked, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc.). Purchase: Used to view the price of a perk and confirm its purchase. Charges: Price: 1 Pet Point per 100 charges. Displays the current charges on a perk. Each activation of a perk depletes one charge. Click the Charges button to buy additional charges for a perk. Upgrade Perk: Used to upgrade the tier of a perk if it’s not already at its maximum tier. Shows the cost of upgrading the perk. Type: Indicates which category the perk belongs to (e.g., Skilling, Combat). Add Perk: Used to add a perk to the pet that is following you. You must have a pet following you to add a perk. If a perk is already active on another pet, clicking the Add Perk button will prompt a confirmation for transferring the perk to the new pet. Status: Displays the current status of a perk (e.g., locked, unlocked). Dive into the world of Pet Perks and make your Elyx adventure more thrilling and rewarding. Happy gaming! - Elyx Team -
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